Forest Meadows Apaartments have been using Carpet Pro Services over the last five years. We are very happy to work with one of the best water extraction & structural drying experts in the area. Their staff is very easy to work with, from the time of scheduling to the time a work is completed, you are professionally taken care of.

Thank you for your service!

I have been using CARPET PRO Cleaning Services for years now, even bringing you with me when I moved to my new apartment communities, and have never been disappointed! Your staff is professional and courteous, especially when they are shampooing occupied apartments!

Your after-hours technicians are wonderful as well! These times can be stressful for staff and residents... nice to have techs that are pros!

Thank you for always being available and providing wonderful service!

We are writing to recommend the services of Carpet Pro. We have been using Carpet Pro for several years now to clean our many apartments and they have always delivered excellent services. The carpet technicians are punctual and always show up in a professional manner. They make the extra effort to ensure the client is satisfied with their services and have gone out of their way on numerous occasions to ensure the job gets done right and completely.

With this, we are happy to recommend Carpet Pro and their services.

Carpet Pro is without a doubt the best carpet cleaning company there is!

As the property manager of such a large apartment complex, it is an absolute must that I have a company to rely on for carpet cleanings and extractions.

Carpet Pro not only makes scheduling painless and easy, but they always arrive on time, as scheduled. The employees of this company TRULY care about their customers!!! The level of excellence in their work is unmatched. I have NEVER had a negative experience with this company!!

Mark, Mike, Megan, and Kelly are all amazing people. All of them go the extra mile to assist us in any way needed. Their passion for the work they do cannot be beat. There have been many occasions that I was in a desperate situation and urgently needed assistance. I rely very heavily on Mark, who is always my go-to guy when dealing with a new issue.

If anyone is looking for a phenomenal company with years of experience and true dedication, call Carpet Pro, you will not be disappointed!

Thank you again to the Carpet Pro Team for everything that you do!! I look forward to working with you for years to come!

I highly recommend Carpet Pro and enjoy working with them. They’re professional, courteous and very personable to our staff and tenants here at Linden Lane. They try to do everything possible to save our carpeting. Not having to replace carpet in between tenants saves us time and money and we appreciate that. They understand and share in our philosophy of taking care of the customer first and foremost and that’s extremely important to us.

We started using Carpet Pro about 6 months ago and we have been very pleased. I can think of several times they have saved us $1,000's of dollars in carpet replacement costs. Where other companies would have told us the carpet was not salvagable, they have salvaged.

When we first started using Carpet Pro we had several units that were cleaned by another company that we were going to have replaced. Carpet Pro was able to save several of those units.

We are very pleased with their performance.

I would highly recommend Carpet Pro for all of your carpet cleaning needs. They have been providing us with excellent serivice in the past two years.

Carpet Pro not only provides us with great service but they are also very professional and timely.

We are currently in contract with Carpet Pro for all of our carpet cleans, extractions and restorations. We have been using their service for over a year. Not only is their price reasonable, the work provided by Carpet Pro is five star quality. On a personal note, I’ve been in the Property Management Industry since 1999. I’ve used Carpet Pro at several of my other properties for years and recommend their service to anyone!

Please feel free to contact me if further details are needed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt response to our carpet cleaning needs at Falls Catholic Credit Union.

Your timely response, punctuality, pricing and commitment to quality work was greatly appreciated.

The lobby looks great and you were even able to remove the heavy traffic stains.

I want to thank you for your immediate response, personal attention and professionalism you showed my customer, Mr. Strahl.

The sewage back up that occurred in his home was untimely at best and would certainly have been much worse if not for you. Everything was seemless and I can’t thank you enough for how quickly you handled this.

Your company has certainly earned my trust and I will continue working with your organization in the future for any emergency flood or water damage issues for my clients.

Imagine the feeling of awakening to a wet basement…possessions lost furniture destroyed…It has happened exactly three times to our home and it has never gotten any easier!

If there has been a bright spot to any of it, it has been the incredibly wonderful assistance we received from Mark and Josh at Carpet Pro. The name was referred to me by a friend who swears by Mark and his professionalism. He responded quickly, spent hours with us and reassured us that all would be well. He and Josh were thorough, personable and respectful of our situation. *The job was expertly done.* Fans and blowers were lent to us, follow-up calls and checks were made and a wonderful relationship was launched. I will never seek the assistance of any other service for any of my carpet, upholstry or flood relief needs.

At no time was I made to feel uncomfortable or ill at ease with their being in my home. They exude trustworthiness and reliability. I can completely and honestly give my recommendataion of Mark, Josh and the other fine professionals at Carpet Pro. Thanks to them, we are enjoying out finished basement once again!

I highly recommend Carpet Pro. They are professional, courteous and very personable to our customers. They try to do everything possible to save our customers money, time, and stress. They understand and share our philosophy of taking care of the customer first and foremost and that is extremely important to us.

I would highly recommend Carpet Pro for emergency water removal and carpet cleaning services.

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